The DeafNation Foundation was created with a clear goal in mind: to give back to the Deaf community of which we belong. Deaf people all over the world share a common bond, and our needs are as closely resembled as our passions. We have undertaken countless projects and continuously seek ways enhance the lives of others who are not as fortunate as us. The DeafNation Foundation has touched countless lives; some of the ways our Foundation has given back includes:

Leadership & Opportunity
It is our desire to bring together the fractured parts of the Deaf community’s youth and to provide them with the tools and resources needed to become future leaders of the Deaf. It is only by creating opportunities that people who need them the most will be able to take advantage. Our foundation seeks out those who need these opportunities the most to turn their dreams into reality. We have given workshops and presentations including a Business Leadership Seminar to the Deaf in Iceland.

Charity on the Fairways
The DeafNation Foundation has recognized golf as a strong fundraising vehicle and as an opportunity to inspire young adults. We have raised thousands of dollars for DeafHope’s mission of ending domestic violence against women through DeafNation’s golf classic every year since 2005. We have also hosted and supported golf charity events in Phoenix, Seattle, Los Angeles, and other cities. Our Junior Golf Program for children has also inspired children to try new things and introduced them to the game of golf through free lessons and our two-day youth tournament.

The Global Underprivileged
The further away from home our travels have taken us, the more we have learned how important it is to give back to the places we visit. Whenever possible, we visit local deaf schools and organizations that serve underprivileged deaf people in the furthest corners of the world. We donate supplies on a regular basis to the organizations with a mission of serving the Deaf youth and creating a brighter future for them. For as much as we have inspired these children with our donations, they have inspired us many times over. Our visits and donations have included organizations in:

Darien & Kuna Provinces, Panama
Bombay, India
Kathmandu, Nepal
Quetzltenango & Antigua, Guatemala
Lijiang, China
… and more

The DeafNation Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax-deductible. Please know that we are not currently seeking local or national sponsorship opportunities, as we have pursued a clear focus on the projects we are currently supporting. There are many ways you can support the DeafNation Foundation to make a difference in someone’s life.