1. john says:

    that wonderful that you going to visit manila, philippine soon. of course i am filipino deaf man. yes there alot of deaf culture and great food and hotel in philippine. i know it is a hot and humid and rain alot. maybe you can tell them to visit to the deafnation world expo summer 2012. it be cool. good luck!

  2. Alex says:

    I’m Deaf Filipino American and I’m from Chicago, IL. You’re inspired me because I didn’t expect that you would go visiting the Philippines for your trip. I think that’s awesome! I suggest you visit Boracay Island in the Philippines. It is the number 2 of the top 10 beaches of the world! So I can’t wait to watch your videos and learn from your experience. I wanted to say good luck in the Philippines!

  3. Alejandro says:

    Yay! Here you go around the world! Hooray! I can’t wait to see all your travel here in deafnation.com. Yay! I wants to say good luck for your travel. Also I wants to say thank you for work hard and show the world that deaf can do anything except hear. Good Luck!!!! Take care. bye.

  4. Lisa Marie says:

    Hi, I want to wish you the best of luck! May God led you to everywhere and protect you all over. :) Good luck!!!! Kudos!

  5. Jan Rawecki says:

    Joel, I enjoyed watching your beauliful ASL story. Tell me more when you done travel.

  6. Joel Barish says:

    Thank you Jan. I will continue traveling around the world and inspire Deaf people!

  7. Brent says:

    Joel, I see you are ATW III effective January 3, 2012. I agree with yours.
    Because you are experienced world traveler since you was Honor Eagle BSA from
    CSDF. Break a leg! Happy Holidays!

  8. Eduardo Burkhart says:

    Give a big donation to ATW III for supporting Deaf communities and empower them……..

  9. kenneth gore says:

    luckkk you tripp safeeee

  10. Paul Zurawski says:

    Excellent Joel. I am waiting for your presentatin after you come back. I hope one day you will come to Poland one day and also visit Deaf in Eastern Europe. :)

  11. Marc Bonin says:

    Oui, c’ est WOW ! Merci,,, Nous serons capable de toucher a un travail à faire a 24 heures dans un jour. C’ est sur…

  12. kelly twidt says:

    hi joel
    i really enjoyed watching your video about your third trip around the world. i will keep eye on you .. have a safe trip.. kelly

  13. florence marr says:

    and i love you trip world trip 1 and 2 but i not see world 3 trip soon you leave


    cool help world deaf good

  15. Alok says:

    Thank you to visit kolkata, we wish you best of luck for youe rest of the trip

  16. Judy says:

    You are great. Greetings to you from the Czech Republic Jitka, come to us in the Czech Republic and we’ll chat: o))))

  17. Antonio Z. Campagnano says:

    Hi, Joel. You have been traveling around the world since 2007. You have met with the deaf business and some deaf religiousess. I am originally from Italy and understand your ASL very well. Your deafnation.com…….I am still thinking about …my DEAFCATHOLICNATION.com or not. Thank you very much and CIAO from Antonio

  18. Anja Jane ჱܓ says:

    I came home from Asia.

    I have visited many deaf, who lives in Dubai, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore.

    It was an unforgettable great experience to be with them deaf and their culture.

    Enjoy trip and take care!

    Deaf Anja Jane from Denmark

    My motto: love travel and see deaf culture

  19. Ronald says:

    You re very lucky and I love to hear about you travel(story). I wish join with you for travel all world.

  20. Janet says:

    Thanks for your presentation about your travel and your experiences! i think that’s wonderful for you to travel around the world! are you planning to go to other countries?

  21. james says:

    i was so good today i watch watch you live at my school name is St.Mary’s School for the deaf

  22. nuno antunes says:

    I will continue traveling around the world and inspire Deaf people!

    i am portugal desf

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