Deaf Auto Glass Business Owner

Joel flies to San Francisco, California to meet with Andrey Snigopenko, who has owned Super Auto Glass for the last 22 years. Joel rolls up his sleeves and works with Andrey to learn how to change auto glass, and learns about owning an Auto Glass repair and replacement business.


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  1. Dottie Griffith says:

    Wow, applause him for approach his desire successful business. I am impressed that he learned ASL to communication with hearing on the video phone. His enthusiasm key grow in his business !! Deaf people can do anything to grow in the business to prove to the hearing people. :)

  2. Michael Papa Gallagher says:

    Excellent VLOG! I learn a lot from this. it is very encouraging!

  3. kitty longoria says:

    I am so much impressed with the kind of works you guys are doing as deaf people …wow

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