Ernesto Freyre, Dog Business

Ernesto Freyre, a deaf man based out of Miami, is breaking barriers as the owner of a dog-sitting and kennel business. Freyre’s business is unique in that he provides socialization for the dogs, giving them play time and attention from him, contrary to some other dog kennels. Joel interviews Freyre about his experience operating the business.



  1. Donna says:

    Hi, I am deaf and I got a dog first time and loving it! Ernesto’s dog business is awesome! I am very impress for how he care for the dogs and give plenty of attention! Well done Ernesto!

  2. Lynne Metz says:

    Hay I was impressed on how you train your dogs can any one learn that or do they need training too? I would really like to learn.

  3. Deborah Dormody McGehee says:

    Fantastic job in meeting the needs of good dog care in Miami!! Research well done!!! Good lucks on getting over the obstacles of zoning to expand your dog business!!! Awesome!!!

  4. ernesto freyre says:

    IN reference of Ms. Metz, To get training and resources to go and go web site called American Boarding Kennel Association those areas will give you the BEST input.

  5. Royal says:

    I really like his Dog business.

  6. Darla says:

    WOW. your very interesting! :) What the name of plant that would not make noise that much since I lived in city, and own 5 dogs! :) contact me soon.

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