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  • Sarawak: Prawn Farm

    Sarawak: Prawn Farm

    It’s not everyday you hear or talk about a prawn farm… but, there are prawn farms all over the world! Joel gives us the opportunity to visit a Deaf owned farm in Sarawak! We join the Deaf owner, Cho, who tours us around his farm and shows us how collecting the prawns is done! Every prawn farm is different, and this one is definitely unique! See how they go out into the water to collect the prawns! Tag along with [&hellip

  • Croatia: Deaf Yogurt Owner

    Croatia: Deaf Yogurt Owner

    Join Joel in beautiful Zagreb, Croatia on his latest No Barriers adventure! Today, he’s meeting Raul, who owns his own frozen yogurt shop! Everyone loves sweets, no matter where in the world they are, right? Joel and his friends create some delicious concoctions with the help of a large selection! If you’re in Zagreb, go to this yogurt place! Not going soon? Watch the video to get an idea! (captioned) Thanks to Sponsors: Croatian National Tourist Board Zagreb Tourist Board [&hellip

  • Sphinx: A Deaf-Owned Comic Store

    Sphinx: A Deaf-Owned Comic Store

    Join Joel to sunny Riverside, CA as he visits a deaf-owned comic book store, Sphinx Comics. Mikey and Craig are both Deaf, and they both love comics passionately! Find out how they got started, and what makes this business a successful one. Plus, you get the opportunity to enjoy the colorful art in this vibrant store front! (captioned) Sphnix Comics Cards & Collectibles www.sphinxcomics.com

  • Croatia: Greenhouse Deaf Owner

    Croatia: Greenhouse Deaf Owner

    In Croatia, we meet a Deaf owner of a greenhouse business. We go in for a tour, we learn how they grow crops inside all year long! The owner takes us around and we’re filled with fresh… organic… healthy goodness! We have this chance to learn how the environment inside a greenhouse operate, and walk through endless rows of vines and greens! (captioned) Thanks to Sponsors: Croatian National Tourist Board Zagreb Tourist Board Pula Tourist Office Karlovac Tourist Board Dubrovnik [&hellip

  • Fabbing it Up with AutoFab Car Shop

    Fabbing it Up with AutoFab Car Shop

    We are joining Joel to California to meet a Deaf man who opened up a car shop. See how this business is run and understand how communication is accessible here. We get to go in for a look around and learn a thing or two about cars. Get under the hood with Joel and learn a thing or two about the world of the grease monkeys! (captioned) AA Fab Autoworks www.aafabautoworks.com

  • Sabah: Deaf Street Food Vendors

    Sabah: Deaf Street Food Vendors

    Driving through Sabah, Joel noticed Deaf vendors in Penampang, and made a quick pit stop. We got the chance to talk with them, they’re a married couple who cooks family recipes and sell food to people. This business is strong and has been there since 2009. Get to know the Deaf couple and see how they work so busy! Joel was able to get in some time to get to know them and learn how they started. Check out the [&hellip

  • Sabah: Chang Rice Dumpling Deaf Owner

    Sabah: Chang Rice Dumpling Deaf Owner

    Joel heads to a Deaf man who owns a business making Chang rice dumplings! Be entertained as Joel tries his hand at making his own dumplings and realizes it isn’t as easy as it looks! Find out more about the owner, Tommy, and how he got started with this tasty business in Sabah! (captioned) Thanks to Sponsors: Convo Relay www.convorelay.com Sabah Tourism Board www.sabahtourism.com

  • Sri Lanka: Deaf Rickshaw Repair Owner

    Sri Lanka: Deaf Rickshaw Repair Owner

    We head to another town in Sri Lanka… in Ruggahawila, we have the opportunity to meet with a Deaf man who owns a rickshaw repairing business. We get to learn a thing or two about how a rickshaw runs. We also meet the owner, Kashaul, who brings us for a test drive in a rickshaw. We interview some employees too, and also get the chance to see how this business runs! (captioned) Thanks to Sponsors: Convo Relay   www.convorelay.com Dr. Reijntjes [&hellip

  • Egypt: Eating Kebabs in Cairo

    Egypt: Eating Kebabs in Cairo

    In the heart of Cairo, Joel explores the local areas. Inside the alleys and corners, Maged brings Joel to the El Baraka Restaurant. There, they meet with the Deaf owner and go into the kitchen! For the first time in his life, Joel gets to taste a piece of cow brain! The owner brings us into his kitchen to show us how he prepares his meat and cook it. Watch Joel’s attempts at making his own kebab, and learn the [&hellip

  • Egypt: Deaf Bakery in Cairo

    Egypt: Deaf Bakery in Cairo

    Joel’s nose picks up a delicious scent that leads him to a special bakery! Maged, his tour guide, brought Joel to a bakery owned by a Deaf owner! Meet Saber, and learn the history behind this bakery and how it all started in 1928! This bakery holds 40 different kinds of specials… from bread to pastries! Get the inside look in their bakery. Thanks to Sponsors: Convo Relay www.convorelay.com Egypt Deaf Travel www.egyptdeaftravel.com

  • Japan: Visiting the Ota Surf House

    Japan: Visiting the Ota Surf House

    Joel brings his band of traveling mates to visit Tatsuro Ota. We get to go inside his surf house and see everything you can imagine of that relates to the world of surfing. Joel chats with Tatsuro to get a better idea of what this surf house is all about. Tatsuro takes us inside to his factory where he creates and personalizes every surfboard! When you come to Japan, stop by to say hi and catch some waves with Tatsuro, [&hellip

  • Norway: Highlight Reel of Trondheim

    Norway: Highlight Reel of Trondheim

    Joel hits the ground running in Trondheim, and finds lots of cool things to share with you viewers. From touring a Deaf Museum, to eating sushi prepared by a Deaf chef, to trying on the designs of a Deaf fashion designer! Trondheim is full of cool experiences that Joel can’t wait to show you! (captioned) Teater Manu http://www.teatermanu.no Visit Norway http://www.visitnorway.com Visit Trondheim http://www.visittrondheim.no

  • Making Pizza at Mozzeria

    Making Pizza at Mozzeria

    In the Mission district of bustling San Francisco lies a very special restaurant. This Italian pizzeria is owned by a Deaf couple, and they make amazing food. Melody and her husband Russ take Joel behind the scenes, where he learns to make a perfect pizza in 90 seconds. If you love food, don’t miss this video! (captioned) Mozzeria

  • Seattle: Aliuqet Guesthouse

    Seattle: Aliuqet Guesthouse

    Joel chats with Kay Amos, the deaf owner of this unique bed and breakfast without the breakfast, but with plenty of tequila! Intrigued? Find out more about this special place with Joel. (captioned) Aliuqet Guesthouse Information

  • Slovakia: Paragliding Equipment Manufacturer

    Slovakia: Paragliding Equipment Manufacturer

    Joel meets and interviews a very interesting guy Jozef, who is a Deaf Slovakian. If you want to have paragliding parachutes made, this is the man to see. He is the only person in the entire country who knows how to make these parachutes! It’s not easy work, either. Find out more about this unique career with Joel in this video. (captioned) Slovakia Travel Information

  • Slovakia: Deaf Owned Kebab Shop

    Slovakia: Deaf Owned Kebab Shop

    What are Kebabs? Not Kabobs, that’s for sure. Go behind the scenes with Joel as he learns what kebabs are and chats with the deaf owner of this unique cafe in Slovakia. (captioned) Slovakia Travel Information

  • Slovakia: Deaf Cafe Owner

    Slovakia: Deaf Cafe Owner

    In Slovakia, we found a cool little coffee shop with nifty wifi technology. Joel shows you the process of ordering a delicious cappuccino, and interviews the deaf owner in this video! (captioned) Slovakia Travel Information Kaviareň u Šálky (Cafe Website)

  • Big Mango Cafe

    Big Mango Cafe

    Joel interviews Jonathan Weiss, owner, who is Deaf! We go behind the scenes to see how this popular place ,Big Mango Cafe, operates. Yum! (captioned) Big Mango Cafe 120335 Waterfront Dr Suite 104 Playa Vista, CA

  • Hungary: Deaf Club Soda Maker

    Hungary: Deaf Club Soda Maker

    Come with Joel as he tours the facilities of the only manufacturer of soda water who is also Deaf! Watch as the process of making the water is shown, and an interesting interview with the Deaf owner takes place. Joel also samples some Hungarian cuisine in this interesting video. This is an unique perspective of an one of a kind experience and individual that only No Barriers with Joel Barish can bring you! (captioned) Check the website of the Hungarian [&hellip

  • Deaf Business Owners Discuss Smashing through Barriers

    Deaf Business Owners Discuss Smashing through Barriers

    Joel Barish sits down with five Deaf panelists who have been involved in business for many years. These people shared their business experiences throughout the world, and gave the audience valuable pieces of advice from their collective wisdom. Roberto Wirth, from the Hotel Hassler in Rome, shared his experiences owning running a five star hotel, and Mara Ladines, owner of By Mara collection, had plenty of her own from owning a clothing design business. We were also fortunate enough to [&hellip

  • Greenhills Market & Fast Food

    Greenhills Market & Fast Food

    If you’re ever in Diamond Bar, California, stop by the enormous Greenhills Market and Fast Food store, owned by Deaf man Chuck Hom. There, Joel gets a personal tour from Chuck in the huge grocery store that sells everything from fresh fish, meats, and bar of steaming hot food. Go back in the kitchen and see how they prepare their food, and fill up on the great looking food! Greenhills Market & Fast Food and Bakery 1241 S. Grand Ave., [&hellip