Around the World 4 Preview

Get a Glimpse of the coming attractions of the ATW4 trip episodes here! 6 exciting countries were visited in this epic month-long journey. We will begin releasing the clips on March 4th. Stay tuned!
Thanks go to our wonderful sponsor, Convo.

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  1. Gustavo Fajardo says:

    Joel is Amazing travelers in the Worlds

  2. Betsi says:

    Looking forward to it! Especially your eating those foreign foods!! Unlike most of us, you never hesitate to eat! We go like ‘Eww’ or ‘OMG’ but you always say ‘Hmmm…so good’ :)

  3. LaDonna says:

    Cant wait to see it mean 8 days lefts to go… wish it comes out today. Seecha Joel!

  4. Michelle Swim-Hartland says:

    Can hardly wait. :)

  5. zizic says:

    congratulations, keep going—

  6. Meddie says:

    No puedo esperar

    I cant wait

  7. paula says:

    i cant wait to see that video enjoy watch how u doing all world travel make me enjoy watch learn many different cultures!!

  8. kathy gillespie says:

    you are wonderful job… Bless you … Thanks!! Can’t wait see more episodes!!!

  9. Nick Casertano says:

    I always enjoyed to watch ur video traveling world cultures. U did marvelous good job as good actor and director.

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