1. David says:

    Yes, many thanks for Abbe de l’Épée’s effort to establish the special worlds’ first Deaf School in Paris back years ago. I was very interested to watch it and a such nice preservative school buildings and a nice old-fashioned library. WOW! Since I had been visiting in Paris and its provinces for a few times, I was wondering where about the school for the Deaf was located in Paris. I should have to find the place of the Deaf school in Paris. Can you give me the address of the Deaf school in Paris for my next travelling arrangement I live currently in Vancouver, BC in Canada and had been attending at the Jericho Hill (not high} School for the Deaf and (the blind) for 13 years. I am a senior citizen since I retired early after 43-year working as an computerized ad maker (printer) for the Vancouver daily newspapers. I would be appreciated very much if the address of Paris Deaf School location to be issued to me asap. MERCI!! David Sullivan

  2. Joel Barish says:

    You can visit L’Institut National de Jeunes Sourds de Paris (Deaf school website) http://www.injs-paris.fr/

  3. JANIS says:

    Thank you for this great piece, I am hearing child (62) of 5 in my family, I have 2 deaf sisters who went to Mary H Katzenback school for the deaf in Trenton, NJ she sent it to me I understood most of it however they always correct memy signing it’s not perfect, thanks again,Janis Peeples

  4. Jeannie says:

    wow thats good.

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