Hungary: Fanni Weisz, The Deaf Model

Did you know that Fanni Weisz is quite famous in Hungary? Joel interviews her in this video, and shows you some of her photos. Find out what it takes to be a Deaf model here!

Check the website of the Hungarian Tourism



  1. Dianne Riddick says:

    Great video and so inspiring to see Fanni taking her story to other Deaf around the world.

  2. John Lafferty says:

    Hi Fanni, You doing good on your video.I don’t know your sign language .I only use ASL.I wish that you could teach me sign language. :) Im a photographer for models in fashion to glamour.I wish that you ever come to USA someday.I would love to do shoot with you. Thank you for your time.
    John Lafferty
    Freelance Photographer

  3. Heather says:

    I am do impressed. I’m one of deaf model n actress too in the USA. I’m proud of her!!!

  4. deaf ivanka says:

    hi you deaf good world deaf

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