Japan: Visiting the Snow Monkeys

Joel and David are joined by Sung and Young Park, along with Yumi and Tetsuro, local Japanese friends. They all are traveling to Nagano, to see the Snow Monkeys!  First, they head to the middle of nowhere for a hotel/restaurant that is well known for its authentic traditional Japanese cultural experience. Join the travelers for an amazing dinner. After dinner, Joel takes a plunge in the natural hot springs. In the morning, the group walks 1.6 kilometers in the snow to meet the snow monkeys! Those monkeys live up in the mountains and their home is by natural hot springs. Seeing the monkeys will tempt you to make plans to travel to Nagano and meet them!  (captioned)



  1. Tany Stamford says:

    My aunt is from Okinawa, and I’ve always wanted to visit her. She married my uncle and came to America before I was born. The house they lived in was built according to Japanese style. I remmeber how important it was to take our shoes off and put on the slippers before we entered the main house.
    Thank you for sharing shcu a wonderful video with us. I love to see how people from dfferent cultures are wlling to interact! great job@@

  2. Székelyné Németh Erika says:

    Thank you for showing us!

  3. LeeLea says:

    I agree with you, Joel, for checking the one of our bucket lists to play with snow monkeys!

  4. Wouter says:

    Very interesting! Thank you for posting this! We have a few articles online JapanTourist as well but to see it in video is much better!

  5. Gary says:

    Really neat! look like you work for National Geographic magazine! have you seen the famous photo of the snow monkey? same thing what you did! Animals are amazing creature on this Earth :)

  6. Kevin McCaul says:

    Thank you, Joel! I visited Japan back in 1999 for two weeks. Besides Tokyo, I went to Kyoto and Hiroshima. I regretted not visiting up north to see snow monkeys.

    Keep up great work, Joel!

  7. Jenal says:

    This is such a fun and educational post. It is nice to see ASL used half a world away and see many cultures merge.

  8. Nick Casertano says:

    Food looked good u and friends ate at hotel/restaurant with wonderful traditional Japanese cultural. Monkeys are beautiful with red face and fluffy hair. Seem monkeys won’t allow anyone to pet.

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