Sweden: The ICEHOTEL

Joel kicks off his Around The World trip by going above the Arctic Circle to Kiruna, Sweden among
the northern lights, dog sleds, and the world famous ICEHOTEL. Join Joel as he stays in one of the
most unique hotels in the world, a hotel built almost 100% out of solid ice!
Thanks to ZVRS for making our Around The World 3 trip possible with their sponsorship, and
thanks Arcteryx for keeping us warm with their winter gear!



  1. Hamdan jaman says:

    wow nice you Kiruna, Sweden: The ICEHOTEL

  2. Ryan Hait-Campbell says:

    Sweet!! Cant wait for the next one!!

  3. Dottie Griffith says:

    I have some question. How do they keep the ice like arch, chair and wall around the year? Will the summer time significantly melt on the ice ? Is the temperature remains 20 degree around the year ?

    Do they provide fireplace and cook the food on the stove inside the Icehotel?

    It is so amazed !


  4. Joel Barish says:

    They used the molding for different shapes. you can check http://www.icehotel.com for more details. They only open few months during the winter season. They do have great restaurants.

  5. Lisa Dispoto-Frankel says:

    WOW. That’s so amazing for your experience adventures. The mushers (dog sledding) will be start this first week of March. It’s calling Iditarod. My family can’t wait to watch Iditarod very soon. Also, I have been seen “Northern Lights” for winter only. I love it.

  6. chris says:

    Hello Joel, I wonder if the icehotel have bathroom or shower or bath? how long you stay there for one night? or else? I want to know about it?

  7. Joel Barish says:

    They have warm accommodation. I stayed both of them one night each. Please visit their website http://icehotel.com

    • Adele Shuart says:

      Hi Joel. I really really enjoyed your experience at Icehotel. Really fantastic. Wow I must admit, this is the best of your tours so far, ha….

  8. Julie says:

    Wow! I love the ice of DN. Beautiful Ice Hotel! I bet you really enjoyed your stay there. Good experience for you! =)

  9. Bertina says:

    Wow! that is amagzing to see a real ICE HOTEL.. I can’t sleep while it is freezing 20 degrees heh. Interesting..

  10. PETE says:


  11. Karola Rasmussen says:

    wow Underbart att du är nu i sverige?? Nu är du i norra sverige :) men i Örebro där jag bor finns massor döva som bor här.. Här finns döva skola och gymnasiet skola.. Örebro är våra största döv stad om du har hört talas om?? Härligt att kolla på dig på webb igen :)

    Kram karola /sweden
    have a nice day in sweden – Om du är i sverige nu`

    Wonderful that you are now in Sweden? Now you’re in Northern Sweden :) but in Örebro, where I live there are plenty who are deaf who live here .. Here are deaf school and high school education .. Örebro is our largest deaf town if you’ve heard about? Great to watch you on the web again :)

  12. Johnny L. C says:

    Amazing story carved out of ice! My dream is to taste a drink of grape juice out of an ice cup in an ice bar! Not only that, after years of seeing DeafNation banners at expos, golf tourneys, and in countless pictures, I finally get to see “DN” sculptured on ice! AND something I never dreamed of, an ice CHURCH, all sculptured in ice, the congregational seats, the altar, the pew, all in an ice-sculptured sanctuary!!!!!

    Thanks DeafNation and your sponsors for showing us something we all never imagined!!!

    Never again will I limit myself to imagination…

  13. Michael Shull says:

    Hi Joel, I ask question about IceHotel have electric wire or cable tv or outlet plug?

  14. Joel Barish says:

    Yes they do have warm accommodation next to ICEHOTEL. The cabin has all of them. you can try warm and ice accommodation at one location.

  15. Ross says:

    Hey Joel. Do you know if america have icehotel too? Maybe in Minnesota, you think?

  16. Joel Barish says:

    There is no ICEHOTEL in USA. one small town in Alaska is doing the similar design as ICEHOTEL.


    Nagyon jó tartalmas filmet mutattál nekünk. Köszönjük, Joel!

    Very good film showed meaningful to us. Thank you, Joel!

  18. Mikael Sundberg says:

    Nice :) All must visit Ice Hotel one time in life ;) All the best, Mikael Sundberg

  19. Gokmen says:

    Hi, I´m from Sweden, yeah I know Kiruna have beautiful IceHotel from northern Sweden. But swedish many deaf people work at Volvo car fabric in Sweden only.

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