Korea: Deaf Vendors in Insadong

Joel finds his way to Insadong, a traditional street market in Seoul. Joel finds Deaf vendors Jun-Sung Kim, Sook-Kyung Kim, and Byung-Cheol Son. These vendors make their living selling goods and food in a busting market. Visit their moving “shops” as Joel catches up with them and learns about the life of a Deaf street vendor!

Korea Tourism Organization: visitkorea.or.kr
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  1. Diana Cabral says:

    Hi. Joel, This is really cool….I enjoyed watching your video trip travel around the world….it’s feels I am traveling too. …The trip to Insadong ….I impressed of how the deaf vendors runs their business. it is amazing that I have learned a lot that there are many, many deaf people around world runs their own business which I wasn’t aware of… I will continue watching you as you travel around the world…..I open up your video clip everyday …Have you ever thought of writing a book? Will you have a seminar in Los Angeles one day , which I lived near that city, discussing about your traveling around the world…..


  2. Joel Barish says:

    Thank you Diana. Book might be in my future list. Those video clips are much alive than book. I do give the presentation at all DeafNation Expo events. Hope to see you there.

  3. Betsi says:

    Interesting video…as always, it has been amazing to see those deaf vendors all over the world. One tiny thing I wanted to see in this video is that you meet a deaf artist with one leg. So is it possible for you to meet that artist someday? Keep it up, Joel.

  4. Joel Barish says:

    Yeah I was surprised about that deaf artist. I had asked them to see if I could find him. they said that they couldnt be able to locate him for a while. I do hope that artist would continue his art work and sell them. :)

  5. Dottie Griffith says:

    Where can I order his artist on the line ? I would love to buy his artist pictures.

  6. Nick Casertano says:

    Enjoyed to view video on street market where deaf vendors selling business.

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