Philippines: Bohol Sea Urchins

On the beautiful beaches of Bohol, Joel meets Chady, a young Deaf diver who routinely dives for sea urchin. Take a look under the sea as we search among the sea grass and starfish as we catch sea urchin straight out of the water for a delicious meal!

Thanks to ZVRS for making our Around The World 3 trip possible with their sponsorship.



  1. Bowyn says:

    Im deaf scuba diver and had seen hundreds of Urchin underwater but never actually see them movement so it’s awesome to watch this video. Keep up the great jobs Joel

  2. Dottie says:

    Wow, you have so much rich experience and share with us. It is fascinated to know sea balls to eat some of the sauce inside there.

    You are very brave to taste everything ! :D

  3. arezo says:

    wow it was amazing.. i had that for my aquarium salt water fish but never thought can eat..

  4. Matthew Calamare says:

    Very Interested to see that. Not only black but colored! Thanks for show us!

  5. Sherry Stephens says:

    It is very educational!!! Thank you so much, Joel! By the way, what does it taste like? Is it like caviar?

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