Korea: Noryangjin Fish Market

Joel gets up at 6am to visit the Noryangjin Fish Market in Seoul. Take a walk through the bustling stalls
where restaurants source their fresh food, and see a huge variety of seafood for sale. Take a look at the
food Joel samples, and find out if he has the guts to try a live octopus!
Korea Tourism Organization: visitkorea.or.kr
Asiana Airlines: us.flyasiana.com

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  1. Dottie says:

    Oh my Oh my gosh, you ate a live octopus!!! My stomach was nausea while I watched this vlog to eating the octopus. I never understand why some people like to eat the seafood. I did not like most of these seafood.

    Thanks for sharing this vlog with us ! :D

  2. James says:

    WOW! you are brave to eat a live octupus!!! I do like seafood but I prefer to eat non live fish or cook fish

  3. Terry says:

    I am still freaking out by the fact you ate live octopus !!!….and all I was doing sitting behind my computer watching the wonderful videos you send all over the world. Thanks for sharing that gross experience but mostly thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences…

  4. Releef says:

    That was awesome,though as an african i don’t have the guts! Well its nice to ‘behave like a roman while in rome’..

  5. 채태기 chae tae ki says:

    The culture of our country is the delight I saw an octopus. South Korea is a scuba diving instructor, I is deaf have a lot of trouble.

  6. DeafPeach says:

    Wow!! I am proud of you. How’s brave you are. It’s looks like Fear and Factor show. I can’t image how wet on the floor from all fish. Smelly on under shoes?? It looks a lot of fun experience. Maybe I would try to be dare eat this.

  7. Lisa Marie says:

    Joel, after u consumed this live octopus.. how did u feel when it settle down in ur stomach? any nausea? I cant believe u actually did this. ha! ugh!

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