Singapore: Changi Airport

If you’ve ever had a long layover while traveling, you know that spending hours in an
airport isn’t always a fun thing to do. But some airports make the layover experience
much more pleasant than others. Joel Barish shows you what you can do with a two
hour layover at Singapore’s Changi Airport; and believe us, it’s not that bad of a stay!
Thanks to ZVRS for making our Around The World 3 trip possible with their sponsorship.

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  1. Betsi says:

    I agree with you, Joel. What a brilliant idea to kill the boredom during the layover!

  2. Avery Ecklein says:

    Singapore is one of most strict countries. You can forced to clean the streets if you littered. If you possessed illegal drugs, then you’ll be hanged!

  3. Julie says:

    Your video made me smile to see how cute at those mini fishes tickling your feet! I bet it made you feel so good!….It’s a nice place to visit! =)

  4. Dottie says:

    Weren’t the fishes bite on your feet and toes? I wonder if they are massage on your feet. Thanks makes me laughing… :D

  5. Linda F. Ramirez says:

    I’m intersting it. I like to history then many deaf people hard work somthing it.
    I found out it. The deaf people wear no glass and hard work life.
    I’m wear my glass read and night daily but I feel tired my eyes.

  6. Thanks for the video showing around airport for 2 hours layover. I realized the mini fishes made you feel good likely massage.

  7. Justin Ricky Low says:

    Hello! I’m Deaf Singapore.You went in Fish & Spa Reflexology (Fresh Bodywork) T1 and I was working there as Former Professional Message Therapist for 2 yrs. If I were here to show you about fish spa.

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