Santa’s Story

Christmas is filled with history and best of all, stories. Watch Missy’s ASL version of Santa’s Story, a wonderful story about the spirit of Christmas and Santa Claus, wonderful for children and complete with beautiful ASL.

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  • Rowena 2 years ago

    Hi Missy… What a beautiful story!!! We never know if Santa knows sign language. Who know Santa Clause can be real. Happy Holidays!!!

    Rowena from Canada :)


    In this time of year for reflection and family bonding, receive from me best wishes for happiness to be present at the home of every one of you, that all his goals and purposes for the year 2012 are met.

    my email. or my oovoo. willmy bye

  • Susan 2 years ago

    Oohhh that was good story. it make me smile. thank you…

  • yun qin 2 years ago

    i feel bad to tell my children about santa claus. from now,i have to tell the truth there is no real santa in this world…. you guys have to tell your children that there is not real santa. that is creative human….

  • My new favorite Santa story now and I’m to pass this video along for many children to see! Thank you for sharing your view!

  • Sandra 2 years ago

    It’s amazing and really love that stories.

  • Thanks! Yes – who knows that Santa may know sign language. ;0)
    Happy 2012!

  • Karen Benson 2 years ago

    Hi Missy,

    Happy New Year!

    Your Santa’s Story is very AWESOME and I love it because it makes me goosebumps and big grin!!

  • Jeff Dunefsky 2 years ago

    Oh wow its beautiful story its not my religious but i alway enjoy to learn many religious smile thanks for beautiful share story….

  • Peter Zalan 2 years ago

    Hi Missy,

    I am from Hungary, and I really enjoyed your nice story! This film is about to be shown to my friends. :)

    I hope you’ll give us more story in the future!


  • Hi,I love it your story Santa Claus,Good to child ASL..

  • Patti Mangold 1 year ago

    Hi. I am new to Missy’s View – love it immediately! The Santa Story is fantastic ! I read all your posts. I look forward to your next ones especially stories and short fact educational informations. Me curious what your view about “What century are we in?”. I always have problem with that till a friend told me recently that we just add 1 to the first two numbers of our year. We are in 21 st century. Still strange to me !

  • Thomas Withrow 1 year ago

    Wow! I love that story! Santa and Christmas are my favorite!

  • Cynthia 1 year ago

    Missy, You telling this story.. It reminds me of my boys when they were little.. I had a friend who knows ASL and he used to be santa clause for homeless kids every year.. He had real beard that’s white ( not pearly white of course) .. Anyway He came over to visit my boys with a gift for each 2 boys… my boys were very surprised cuz santa came over to say hi.. Then they were shocked when he start signing to my kids!! And for me it was awesome cuz I can understand my kids communicating with santa..

  • Cynthia 1 year ago

    Missy, Good job, I like Missy View.. Keep up good work..
    Lisa used to be my classmate..
    Cynthia Orsburn Lopez

  • Marie Smith 5 months ago

    Beautiful stories. Certainly, I love to urge all deaf parents signing to their new born babies quickly.
    Do you seek any DVD of yours? Best, Marie

  • Herbert Burns 5 months ago

    Santa’s Story.. Inspiration it makes me cry and feel inside of happy for Christmas.. Many thanks for yourt excellence work.. May the grace of the LORD bless you and your family..