nTouch Myphone


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  • Freddy 4 years ago

    Wow he’s so funny and genius ! Love that superhero character, what a bright idea !

  • Oh my god, he’s so funny. But I wonder, he never wants to make fun with guys at this time? This video shows that he meets just ladies. But good video, so funny!

  • I Love SuperDeafy! He really makes me laugh hard!
    I watch to improve my sign language skills! It is much more fun than a
    book or SL video!

    Awesome idea! It would be great to see on TV! How about Jay Leno!

  • Jeanne 4 years ago

    SuperDeafy videos…. sooo hilarious… I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time…
    Don’t stop!

  • Dakota 4 years ago

    It’s so really funny. I enjoyed of all Superdeafy video. Don’t stop! someday Superdeafy will be a great legend toward hall of comedy fame.

  • Carol 4 years ago

    I enjoyed to watched Superfly and he is real very funny action and good show make me laughed and cryed keep going on I want watch it more in the future Superfly PLEASE keep go on… GOOD ACTOR WITH FUNNY..

  • gregory 4 years ago

    It’s so good and made me laugh so hard!