SUPERDEAFY Webisode #10 (03/19/09)

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  • Robert E. Miera 5 years ago

    That is very cool and high wow, more curious for more new adventures, will you? Yes, of course I love both hero act and comedy! Finish with the Crab thero, maybe one more to go, right? Thank you, John

  • Kris Colvin 5 years ago

    Dang, I want to see second part! Great job! One day, I would like to have him at my house and long chat w him!

  • scott vollmar 5 years ago

    Great job! I thought that first one and last 2 episodes showcased the classic SuperDeafy!

  • Tim Hanson 5 years ago

    Good job ya all! Looking forward to many more funny episodes/movies. Thank you SuperDeafy and all participants for the good laughs you have given us!

    You all ROCK!!

  • Superdeafy- Wow, you are a very FANTASTIC JOB! You guys ROCK! Keep it up work hard! ;-)

  • Gingerbread 5 years ago

    Hi, thanks for showing all the episodes and I really enjoyed each of them. I look forward to more new episodes!! You really did an outstanding job!

  • Robgyn 5 years ago

    To be contiune…. (Oh Man!!) Anywys, I really enjoyed watch all of them… What a more, I show my students and they did enjoyed to watch different episodes.
    You all ROCK!!

  • Thank you show this all of episodes, it was excellent performance. I really enjoy it each of them. Way to go ,John.

  • Cheryl Vigliotti 5 years ago

    That is funny watch movie and show. Don’t give up and continue in the future!

  • amanda maucere 5 years ago

    I really love it this last part episode. Its amazing wow fabulous job! Please continue… John, I will see you in summer mwah

  • Amelia Hamilton 5 years ago

    I love this video! I’m really looking forward to watch more webisodes :)

  • hellllo 5 years ago


  • florence marr 5 years ago

    You are so good! I want you to continue with superdeafy action. I love your action and very funny person!

  • okla-coda 5 years ago

    The world needs more SuperDeafy. Must defeat Evil Audist of Regions (EAR)! Please continue with more adventures.

  • John Critser 5 years ago

    John Maucere as SuperDeafy makes the front pages headlines with DeafNation News reporter Lauren chasing SuperDeafy. What a splash and we all look forward to continued episodes of SuperDeafy.

    SuperDeafy brings laughter and gives us a legitimate Superhero, the world’s only DEAF Superhero.

    A personal note to SuperDeafy:

    I left some cookies for you. Enjoy them, and the cookies are usable for weight-lifting. Just stick a straw with one cookie on each end.

    Weight of Cookie Barbells: UNKNOWN

  • Kris Colvin 5 years ago

    HELP!!! Deafies is in trouble now!!! Save us and bring more epidoses!!! That That That That spell HELP!

  • goooodiie goodie job make more of that again!!

  • Lance Wood 4 years ago


  • Jan Stone 4 years ago

    Hey .. U surely are cracking me up big time ! Love it !!

    keep it up what u’ve been doin n’ all that ! Am gonna look forward to the new episodes n’ enjoy ourselves again w/ ur awesome shows! :)


  • Larry 4 years ago

    Have seen Superdeafy at the DeafNation In Mpls !
    Soo hilarious & unigue !

    Now the film ! WOW

    Cant wait for the other part!

    Way to go John Maucere !


  • jeff spinale 4 years ago

    Its wonderful show!!! Its my first time to see u that!!!

  • very good and funny actors… smile

  • LeRoy Jr 4 years ago

    HarrHarrr SuperDeafyHeros..
    My Kids are also Coda and they really loved it and definitely understood in every sparks preformance so That s very good sign for Deafies being have SuperDeafyHeros other than Hulk or Spiderman!!:)

  • nicholas 4 years ago

    this is so hilarious i laughed my ass off!

  • hehehehe! you’re sooooo funny! i really, really enjoy watching you. you’re a champ! hahahahaha!!!!

  • Rocco Leo Gaglioti 4 years ago

    I am a CODA. I really enjoyed that.. Bravo! Goodjob…

  • A well-spoken fact. Don’t let anyone stop you, SuperDeafy!

  • Davy Bahan 4 years ago

    i am love your movie AND PLS MORE AND MORE MORE MORE there parts!!!!!!! i love you

    i am your #1 fan

    i LOVE all

  • Dulce Olivas 3 years ago

    I really love your movies and I hope that you can make more parts!!! :) I laughed sooo hard and i really enjoyed it!!

  • Chris 3 years ago

    This is the first time I’ve ever encountered a series targeted for the deaf and in complete sign, and I truly enjoyed it!

    I suggest producing a national television series for the mass public to enjoy, even if they are not fluent in Sign Language. I suspect hearing people would enjoy this show as much as I did, and pick up signs from it, or at least be encouraged to attend ASL classes!!

    EXCELLENT corny sense of humor, bravo!


  • Antonia 3 years ago

    I love John’s comic show and I want my deaf grandson watch this at his Jackson Hospital in Miami , Fla

  • Superdeafy Jr. 3 years ago

    Please make more episodes. It is my only way to see you since you are very busy saving the world.

  • kalena bumbala 3 years ago

    I can see that superdeafy is little bit funnier than mr.bean!!!! I did meet john maucere and he signs the paper and my dad ordered the t-shirt and i love him!!!! see ya

  • kalena bumbala 3 years ago

    I love his action and face expressions smile

  • kalena bumbala 3 years ago

    who is superdeafy jr.?????

  • LOL!!! can u make more??? i love it

  • Kayla Enos 2 years ago

    yourr shows are amazing <3

  • I had no idea Norman could be SO FUNNY!