NAD 2010: Welcome Ceremony

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  • ernesto freyre 3 years ago

    Wow MJ Beneview, Did an awesome presentation. Very true with that she had mentioned, is scaring. I support keep deaf culture in preservations. Dont remove the genes out of deaf.

    Thanks Joel for this excellent documentary film.


  • Dottie Griffith 3 years ago

    Fabulous !!

  • I went to NAD and saw her speech. Awesome! I can’t stress enough- the speech inspired me. I also have been watching it again a few times to write notes and research on the people she mentioned – researchers and I am looking for references to support my presentations in the near future. I also wish she would share more what she has learned and share with us all over the US. :)
    Thanks MJ.

  • Peggy Prosser 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing this video clip with Dr. MJ Beneview. She’s great.