57th Mason-Dixon Boys’ BB Tourney

57th Mason-Dixon Boys’ BB Tourney

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0 thoughts on “57th Mason-Dixon Boys’ BB Tourney”

  1. that was an awesome long shot that one of the KY players made, almost full court, i remember that the crowd was so thrilled and very loud. lol.

  2. this is William. I am a resident in San Antonio,Texas now. I graudated from South Carolina school for the Deaf and the Blind in Spartanburg,SC since May 25,1984. I was a happy SCSDB got 3 rd place. ur video was very cool. I enjoyed to watch on ur video last month.

  3. merle baldridge

    What a wonderful video shooting and editing done. Jed and Joel did a super job with sharing this event to some of us who are watching this video from our computers.