Adopting Deaf Children

Adopting Deaf Children

Ken and Sarah Brown has adopted two of their children in the past. Brian and Brooke Sipek hopes to adopt soon in the future. Both couples join Joel in DN360 to talk about adoption. Joel brings some questions to the table and both Ken/Sarah and Brian/Brooke shares interesting information on their experiences. Ken and Sarah explains what it’s like to adopt children, how their children got their name, and more. Brian and Brooke shares about the experiences they have had up to this point – their research, the paperwork, the anticipation. Both couples share advice and tips for viewers. (captioned)

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0 thoughts on “Adopting Deaf Children”

  1. We are also deaf parent adopted hearing daughter and we love her since she was a baby! That was almost 6 years ago.

  2. Beautiful story! Thank you for sharing with us. Their adopted children are very lucky to have such good and especially loving parents.

  3. I did considering want to adopt but not works for me because not enough income plus I’m closer to be 50 of age. I had know the couples from Fla, they had adopted one girl from Preu and will be second adopt a boy from China on the way. I ask question: wondering that couples Brown’s adopted Travis and Tain on their bio parents are disappoint or happy to see them go?

  4. Very interesting story about the present day adoption of deaf children by deaf couples. From 1970-79, I adopted three deaf children as single mother before I got married. Adoption cost was much less. Congratulations to the new parents of recent adoptions.