Deaf Author of “Finding Zoe”

Deaf Author of “Finding Zoe”

As “Finding Zoe” hits bookstores, Joel Barish sits down with “Finding Zoe” author Brandi Rarus. With some questions from Joel, Brandi shares her experience in writing the book, the struggle of publishing the story, and the experiences of people around her as the book progresses to the final stage. (captioned)

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0 thoughts on “Deaf Author of “Finding Zoe””

  1. Aside from being Gramma, I found this book to be PERFECT for professionals in hospitals, audiologists, case workers, audiologists–what have you who deal with hearing parents discovering their child is deaf.

  2. You are turned by very nice deaf people & hearing people who are able to discuss normally with Brandi and our dear great communicator, Joel Barish !! We wish you well a hundred times a day…our hearts, both.