Eagle Creek Product Reviews

Eagle Creek Product Reviews

Joel Barish gives a product review on two bags from one of the well-known travel bag companies, Eagle Creek The first product Joel reviews is a high-quality strong bag, Gear Warrior which measures 32″ inch long and weights 8lbs. More features come with the bag, such as wheels, handles, plenty space, lot of pockets for extra packing, and protection over the zippers. The second bag, called a Tandem Warrior, is a strong and perfect bag for carry-on, the size being under the required 22″ inch limit. The tandem also has smaller bags that comes with it for convenient packing. The tandem even has a good-sized bag attached on the top that you can unattach for a short trip if necessary.

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0 thoughts on “Eagle Creek Product Reviews”

  1. How versatile!

    How about a video on packing tricks and tips. How do you pack for those round the world trip?

  2. Look good great bags point like it. Cool! And video guys travel so many on earth less ! Thanks show on travels!

    Be luck with us,
    Mike M.