HipZu Funk

HipZu Funk

Join Joel as he interviews the high-energy cast members of HipZu Funk. Deaf people can dance?! Professionally?! You betcha! Let HipZu Funk show you the way in this fun talk show interview. Russell, Jesse, Sabrina, and Jessica certainly CAN dance!

HipZu Funk (www.funkyybeats.com)

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0 thoughts on “HipZu Funk”

  1. U know dance good for ??? Lose weight and feel a lot engery by dance yeah like T25 thing simple dance things but myself can’t bec I am in wheelchair due cerebral palsy since birth and also deaf too and I love movement mostly I have rough time to walk now I am very disppoint bec I want dance badly I love watch a lot ppl dance and movement make me feel I m thier legs lol lol great shown u guys

  2. David Donatelli

    WHipZu. Funk Show is awesome!!!! It’s a perfect role model for deaf people! I would really love to particpate it! I love dancing!!!!! I can dance with rythem. I’m from Ohio.

  3. I wish I could dance as professional as those awesome dancers do but I do love to dance even though I have mild cerebral palsy and deafness. I think dancing is good exercise to keep us in good shape and more flexible. If it was not for dancing, our bodies would be weaker and harder to move around. I think DN360 and HipFu Funk are GREAT! Keep up good job!! I’m looking forward to see more of DN360 videos!