Jacobs Hall, KSD

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0 thoughts on “Jacobs Hall, KSD”

  1. Thank you for this lovely view with history.

    I was a student of KSD from 1942 to 1955.

    We think that this school is really wonderful~
    And hope that this school will stay on forever and ever.
    May God bless everyone in KENTUCKY who work hard to keep this school alive!

    Herb and Faye Tackett

  2. Maryte Hoagland Dyess

    K.S.D. has always inspired me, because a large number of my deaf ancestors and their relatives attended this school. My great, great, great Uncle Thomas Hoagland, age 30, was one of the first pupils enrolling at K.S.D. in 1823 and stayed there for 1 year. Later in 1826, my great, great grandmother (Zuelma Kincheloe), age 20, and great, great grandfather (William Hoagland),age 25 attended this school and were classmates. Few years later, they left the school to get married. Two out of their five children were deaf so they went to K.S.D. Annie Hoagland eventually married to a deaf teacher, John Blount. My great grandpa (Jesse Hoagland) stayed there until he was 16 yrs old and left the school during the Civil War. Lots of deaf cousins by the name of Hoagland, Reed and Hill also attended K.S.D.

    My father and I attended the Florida School for the Deaf.

  3. Maryte,

    Your family history is an interesting one, involved as students of KSD….the school with a good history. Hope it will continue on forever!

  4. hello everyone,

    There KSD still running as far, No matter what s number of students. The KSD campus are beauitful land and buildern. I have good memorial of KSd. In KSD History deafies students s last name are Tackett s family , Newsome s family , Whitt s family and other family too Gene. they have been gene in KSD longers.
    i do school there before. Jacob Hall is very nice and history. i never bored of Jacob Hall.
    aloha tackett

  5. Barbara Kannapell

    Hello everyone,
    I watched the video clip with inspiration. I am proud to say that five members of my family graduated from the Kentucky School for the Deaf…my uncle George Gordon, my father Robert H., my mother Eleanor Houston, my aunt Mary E. and my other aunt Agnes Fuchs (George’s wife). I was a student there from 1947 to 1950. I visited the museum some years ago and was concerned about the condition of the museum. After viewing the clip, I am glad that the museum looks much better. The school itself is rich with history. Good to see Barb Harris, Archie Harris and Carolyn Gulley on the tape. Keep going!

  6. Always so glad to see Jacob Hall (again) with beautiful interior renovation! Waving hands to the team of dedicated people who really did an outstanding job in making the KSD’s history alive again!

  7. Hello! I was a student of KSD from 1980 to 1988. This school is the most BEAUTIFUL campus! Hope this school continue on FOREVER!!! God Bless everyone who work hard to keep this school going!!! Thank y’all!

  8. I remember the Jacob Hall was last old history building and I looked alot of old pictures are very importants education deaf peoples learned alot things. I enjoyed looked around different places at Ky School for the Deaf. I graduated of 1988. Save the school is important deaf history.