Lori Hilary, Deaf Figure Competitor

Lori Hilary, Deaf Figure Competitor

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0 thoughts on “Lori Hilary, Deaf Figure Competitor”

  1. Congrats to you Lori,

    I am really impressed by you with this wonderful deaf figure competition that you really can as hearing girls do, right! I really enjoyed watching your video show. WOW! I’m very proud of you that you did very well at it. and I’m sure some deaf women who really wanna join body builder competition as you did. Again, Congratulations! You are so beautiful and so is your body figure! 😉 lm/

  2. You impreese me.. I really interested in Figure Competitor.. I do go to gym 5 times a week.. I would like to share with you.. If you have VP so we can talk about it.. My email is redlilyluck@shaw.ca
    I m looking fow=rward to hear from you soon.. Thanks

  3. WOW. Are you deaf. I’m deaf & asl too. But I didn’t practice some exercise at fitness building a long time. ‘Cause I’m working & unloadin’ a lot of packages at U.P.S all day. So. I’m glad you are deaf figure competitor.! Good luck to goal ur body buildin’ competitor! Go Lori Hilary.! 😉

  4. hi Lori

    Thats great enjoyed I watch ur video show that how u w ork out on fitness…I was work out few years ago i have a great shape,build but not muscle so i stopping since 2004 bec happen my back tights muscle nerve are bad and i cant work out alike no more ..I really miss work out my favorite but you can help me I want back weightlose and good firm body..please email me at Scasertat43@aol.com

    by the way I am deaf mother of two


  5. Lori! Is That you Lori from We met each other Etta Search Model/photographer from Dawn Emmons?? I am so proud of you and You look so great and different than before Where We met first time. Keep up good Shape! I wish to come down and visit you and your gym. Hugs Ya Rita Tracy and Monica Parish (ex-model)

  6. Damn!!!!! I want to be like you! How??? I am overweight! HELP ME! DAMN!!!!

    GO GIRL!!! Congrats on 4th! Your so sexy and beautiful!

  7. Hey i was watching you on video about your muscle and weight and shape .. i wonder if you tell me that you say only white eggs how many is that and how much cup for oatmeal what more .. also that pills u take morning and night what kind is that so i try to working on that and i have hard time to get on that .. no one told me about that like u did ..i do not have anyone training with me just by myself that how i leave there gym so right now if someone tell me how or what to do and i will go back gym soon .. i told my boyfirend i have a dream about big muscle like you i wish i can joy like you did but i fail now ..by the way i am mother of three Smile

  8. Hey Lori,

    That was really impressive and Its been a LONG time since Ive seen you on the website. I don’t know if you remembered me – I used to run Miss Deaf America in 1994 at Knoxville Tenn. Im very proud of you with all of your achievement and successful – Keep it up GIRL!

  9. Hello Lori,

    I am so happy to this for you that you can do anything for deaf people. I use to work out many times because I am always keep my healthy well than messed up. Smile! I love any work out because it is good healthy. Smile!

  10. cant say much about it, it s been very well progress for lori, and Im happy to see ya going wel.. we wishes ya the best..


  11. Lori,

    I’m very proud of what you have accomplished these days! You have showed how well we Deaf people can achieve anything we want no matter what! People like us make great role models and stand what we believe in. Way to go Lori! Keep up the good work. Good luck with your future endeavors!!! go for Miss Fitness USA someday!

  12. WOW , very impressive of you , keep up good work ! Its been long time since I saw u when we were living in Minn , had to move back home to North Dakota due to ankle injury. Right now l am working out P90X Home Fitness and its very good program , l am wondering if theres a way u can contact me ? Thanks and hope to hear from you .

  13. Hi Lori,
    Watched your video and I’m truly inspired by the commitment and dedication you have for this profession! This reminds me of dear friend I used to know and she was the world famous bodybuilder and known as “Siren” on Amercian Gladiator, the late Shelly Beattie who passed on this year. I have another friend who is also a fitness competitor and is doing quite well. I am a professional Glamour and Swimwear Model as well as the Founder/CEO and Producers of the Mid Atlantic Cover Model Search,UjENA http://www.limalupro.com and http://www.ujena.com

    I am a big fan of fitness on all levels and you are an inspiration to many of the deaf beautiful women like us which that goes to show that we can be up to par as a model competitor!

  14. Greetings from Lori Hilary!!! 🙂

    If you or anyone you know who is/might be interested to learn more about training procedure for figure competition is to contact info@deafnation.com and leave your name, email address, and vp nbr. I will get in touch with you personally. To protect your privacy, I encouraged you not to leave your full name, email address, or vp number here on comment box. Send an inquiry to info@deafnation.com

    Thank you very much!


  15. Y are amazing young deaf woman ..very inspiring lady *Congrats* Keep going .. wish I have commitment like y but I cant i am too old for this I will try use white eggs and oatmeal what y eat maybe worth a TRY :=)

    GOOD LUCK in the furture

  16. Hi Red,

    Actually you’re never too old for anything– I dont know your age.. but Im almost 40 years old and believe it or not, we have several competitors who are in their 50, 60, 70, and even 80’s!!

    I dont just eat egg whites and oatmeal… I eat 6-7 meals per day… includes protein powder, fish, tuna, chicken, flank steak, green vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, green beans, spinach, etc…), sweet potatoes, brown rice, and fruits. Most important of all is to intake a good source of vitamin supplements help balance your health.

    Hope this helps motivate you no matter how old you are! 🙂

    Lori Hilary

  17. I want chance you very hard goal to best deaf of lori world .You can keep up bodybuilding .I see you are hulkwoman deaf can star movie in the future .Good smile of you just do it yourself all muscle anything . cool of you good all season to champion . I see you like strongestwoman why not .Goldstar of you .Wonderful of lori.

  18. Hey Lori,

    U have surprised me BIG TIME! when I opened Deaf Nation website and your name got me attention so I decided to clicked. I was totally surprised what u did in this kind of competition. U comes in 4th place that is good number! Before u were Miss Deaf Minnesota Queen and now this one, wow!! what’s next???? CONGRATULATIONS and u made me so PROUD of you. KEEP THAT UP GIRL!!!

  19. I am a 56 years old mostly Irish deaf brewhounding retiree. However the health clubs have/had been my second home for past almost 30 years. Took mostly the aerobic classes(enjoyed the female glamourous scenery) and playing racquetball in 80’s and 90’s decade. Sometime took weightliftings. Now i am interested and only do the cardio workouts and still an Irish beer drinker.
    Wonder what is the difference between figure and Ms.Fitness competition? Even though that competitions aren’t the beauty pageants, u are really,impressively glamourous which rarely existed in deaf female community/culture. Take that as ur compliment, don’t be flattered, Sure keep that up!

  20. Hi Lori,
    I’m your cousin, Liz. My mom is your mom’s sister. I remember you coming to our house when you were just a little girl. My mom is Exilda. Wow, I was surprised to see you on this site. Congratulations.

    Liz Memmer Bean

  21. I am a 36 years old. However the health clubs have been my second home for past almost 15 years. “What do bad skin and hair, fatigue, weakness and digestive problems all have in common? You might not be eating enough antioxidants.” This is the very first question asked by Personal Fitness Trainer when i visited to him. Like every part of our body Skin is very essential. Everyone desires gorgeous skin. Proleva is a product that is made from natural resources. Proleva contains Xeronine which is essential for protein structure and repair and is found in large quantities in the skin. Try proleva in combination with your Fitness Regime.

  22. Hi Lori,
    I am 54 yrs old. I live in Plymouth,Minnesota.
    My deaf friendship told me about show your bodybuilding video. My damn god WOW I surprise very proud learn good your programs that diet. I knowledge how workout. I started THE GYM INC on DEC 1990 since. I straight workout almost 19 yrs.

  23. awesome video! finally! i get to see you on the monitor! LOL! hope ur happy with where u moved to! take care! talk to you soon!

  24. I was watching u about heath and how much cups and kind pills.. its hard for me lose weight.. and I really want that like u…. if u want to teach me how to do.. or someday I would like to gym or trainer would teach me how to do and what to do… smile keep it up:) that’s good for u… smile


  26. Lori,
    Your beautiful flashy smile that stole the competition show, that should have placed you in the 1st place! Your smile was outstanding in the competition show, doesn’t anyone notice that?! You looked beautiful and walked/posed gracefully on the stage! Lori, have you ever thought of creating your own website teaching Deafies how to eat properly, exercise, Q&As, and your upcoming competition events in near future that Deaf fans can come to root for you.

  27. Patti Woodbridge

    Great job Lori. I’m impressed with your drive and ambition. I remember you when you were very little girl. My mother babysat you and your sister. I taught you your first word “up” and I was thrilled to hear you say it. You’d put your arms up and say “up” after lip reading me. I knew you would go the distance with your life. Keep up the good work.

  28. evelyn zimmermann

    Hi Lori congratulations on all you do for the hearing-impaired. nice to see you on the videos, and nice to hear about what u are doing with your life. I used to babysit u when u were a small child in Mpls; u were such a good girl!!! Bye Evelyn Z

  29. Congratulation and You are awesome ! How did you started it? How did you build your own motivation to do that? I don’t have any motivation to work out. I encourage you that you can write a book about yourself, that’s way can help deaf women in deaf world. You can be the best famous for us :o)

  30. Was I surprised to see you on the video – you are still beautiful, have a great smile and are an inspiration to many.

    You probably don’t remember me but I worked with you when you were a senior in high school. I thought you were wonderful then; I think you are wonderful now.

  31. Wow , I love your story that inspire others to encourage other deaf who interesting in Figure competitor , , what I am looking for my interesting in deaf figure competitor , which I hope for that but I am 53 years old , I would live to be in first figure competitor , I am not care if never too late for that , if you will help me , I will be very happy for to hear your advice of diet and exercise program , I am from Australia , I hope to contact with you if you wont mind

    all the best for your future best wishes