President of Korean Association of the Deaf

President of Korean Association of the Deaf

In this interview, we sit down with a man of many experiences and stories… Seungil Byun 변승일! We have the chance to learn about a country’s hardships and passion to gain equality in different aspects for their Deaf community in this video. Join in on the interview and get to know this individual on his accomplishments, and what he aims to accomplish! (captioned)

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0 thoughts on “President of Korean Association of the Deaf”

  1. I believe some other countries have many discrimination about life for deaf community. We must to hear and help to fight for Human Rights. Please get more information from other when possible.

  2. I notice that she is very good sign language for translate . In future i need her to guide tour with her translate

  3. She had studied and talked with members in the group named ‘frontrunners’ for 1~2 years in Denmark.