ZAGG Product Reviews

ZAGG Product Reviews

Joel Barish shares his experiences with owning ZAGG protection cases for both an iPad Mini and an iPad Air. He explains the features and advantages of owning a ZAGG protection case, such as having strong protection for the iPad and having a QWERTY keyboard. (captioned)

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16 thoughts on “ZAGG Product Reviews”

  1. Wow damn new made like it I want need zagg iPad Air I like very cool how much cost or apply free ??? Tell me ok thk u video

  2. Norman Williams

    Hi. Nice review. Does this revised mini-iPad case allow finger scroll up from bottom of screen for control center (i.e. wifi on/off, change brightness etc)? I had to return ZAGG case because inability to access the control center. Its a great product for everything else but need access to control center so I ended up with other product that have room for bottom of screen to slide up. I see no problems for the Air case.

  3. I want question abt dn360 .i wonder how cost or what ? Thank u then u will let me know abt it Jane Schaefer

  4. wow.. another new tech heh.. I have to grab Ipad Air or Mini I need it.. Thanks for sharing..

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