Korea: Deaf Korean Rice Cake

Joel meets Jong-Tae Choi, the Deaf owner of Sangdo 4 Dong in Seoul. More than 20 Deaf employees work
for Choi making rice cakes, a Korean snack and dessert. Go behind the scenes in the kitchen and see how
rice cakes are made and take a look at a one-of-a-kind Deaf owned and operated business with so many
proud and happy Deaf employees!
Korea Tourism Organization: visitkorea.or.kr
Asiana Airlines: us.flyasiana.com

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  1. Mei Mei Chang says:

    Hi! I think South Korea has recently hearing impaired activity, is holding a video shoot! I have applied to participate, but unfortunately not been selected, the deaf community to read the 16 South Korean tourist, good very envious!

  2. Jeff Dunefsky says:

    Korea: Deaf Korean Rice Cake, I wonder do they have website to order to send in usa???

  3. DeafPeach says:

    I keep saying Wow again. I am proud of Deaf Korean making rice cakes. I was imaging myself always eat rice cake from my Deaf Korean friend. I love them so much. It’s tastes sooo good. I can see that how wonderful serious Deaf workers not chatting while work time. Save til break time. They are hard workers.

  4. Julie says:

    Wow! Very impressive to see how wonderful they make Korean Rice Cakes look really good! I’d love to try one of these desserts! Thanks for sharing with us Joel! =)

  5. Gloria. Barragan says:

    Wow cool rice cake that great yummy!look good !

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