Electronic Workout Buddy

The reasons why having a workout partner doesn’t always succeed are different goals or lack of commitment. But don’t let that stop you! You can have a workout buddy with unfailing commitment and even better, that keeps track of your progresses. Sabrina Valencia shows us the electronic devices and apps that make the ultimate workout buddy! (captioned)

Kissimmee, FL

March 23, 2024
Osceola Heritage park

Atlanta, GA

April 6, 2024
Georgia International Convention Center

Minneapolis, MN

April 13, 2024
Minneapolis Convention Center

Dulles, VA

APRIL 27, 2024
Dulles Expo Center

Pasadena, CA

MAY 4, 2024
Pasadena Convention Center

Little Rock, AR

OCTOBER 5, 2024
Statehouse Convention Center

Seattle, WA

October 19, 2024
Seattle Center Exhibition Hall


November 2, 2024