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  • Swaziland: Cultures & Safari

    Swaziland: Cultures & Safari

    Join Joel as he ventures into the true backcountry of Africa. In this exciting cultural video from the heart of Swaziland, Joel goes to the most rural parts of the country. There, he experienced their cultural traditions and food, along with a high-tempo dance performance. Next, come along with Joel as he goes on a Safari at the Hlane Royal National Park… and comes up close with a few animals. Which ones? Watch and find out!!! (captioned) More Information about [&hellip

  • Swaziland: Deaf Shoe Repair Shop

    Swaziland: Deaf Shoe Repair Shop

    On the go… we join Joel at visiting a new country… Swaziland! The first stop is Mbabane… the capital! Knowing Joel, he’s always got his eye out to find and meet with Deaf business owners! We meet up with two tour guides who bring us into a local shoe repair shop. Owned by a Deaf man and operated by two Deaf employees, this successful shop gets its share of customers and countless pairs of shoes! Enjoy this video of success [&hellip

  • BluffWorks Pants

    BluffWorks Pants

    Ever feel uncomfortable in your jeans? Does it feel so stiff when you bend? Does your iPhone stick out of your pants or show the bulge? Do you need an “all-activity” type of pants while you keep a professional look without compromising?Watch the demonstration of the efficiency Bluffworks pants offers! A special highlight: learn the sign for “pants” from four different international individuals! (captioned) More information about Bluff Works

  • South Africa: Barberton Gold Mine

    South Africa: Barberton Gold Mine

    We’re in Barberton of South Africa… and we’re embarking onto another adventure! There are mines all over the world… but it is rare for anyone but the miners to go into them. In this video, Joel has the unique opportunity to descend into a mine…filled with the richest gold! We join a Deaf miner, Charl Strydom, for a tour of the mine he works in, and we’re brought down more than 2,000 meters (6,500+ feet) down into the earth! Is [&hellip

  • Tunisia: Tunis – Medina Marvels

    Tunisia: Tunis – Medina Marvels

    Taking in more aspects of Tunisia, Joel travels to other towns and meets with more Deaf locals. We head to their popular shopping area… join Joel at walking through the shops and take in all of the beauty! We visit a Deaf shop owner… be amazed of what he has to sell…. there is so much to look at! We also head to another shop to meet a successful woman of many talents. Usually, it all ends with a bite [&hellip

  • Tunisia: Nabeul: Cafes, Pottery, Dresses and Oranges

    Tunisia: Nabeul: Cafes, Pottery, Dresses and Oranges

    Making more pit stops traveling in Tunisia, Joel has the opportunity to meet with few Deaf locals to learn of their businesses! From pottery making to orange picking, Joel definitely learned a lot about the culture of Tunisia. He visits two towns, Nabuel and Hammamet. Join Joel and learn the unique qualities of Tunisia. Take in the culture! (captioned)

  • Silent Automotive

    Silent Automotive

    Get under the hood with Joel as he visits a deaf owned mechanic shop in Austin. He meets owners Joel Martinez and Danny Blalock and they show him how the business runs. Deaf mechanics rock!  (captioned)

  • Deaf Students Should Travel!

    Deaf Students Should Travel!

    In this short vlog from a plane in midair, Joel shares some thoughts with you about Deaf students’ traveling abroad, and why it is important to encourage and grow these programs and opportunities. Plus, catch some Deaf students’ experience in India!  (captioned)

  • Tunisia: Patisserie

    Tunisia: Patisserie

    Still touring around in Tunisia, Joel visits a hotel where a Deaf pastry works at. We join them in the kitchen and get a taste of the Deaf chef in action. Joel grabs the chance to interview him… and luckily for Joel… he literally gets a taste of a sweet plate of chocolate and ice cream prepared by the chef himself!  (captioned)

  • 787 Lands in Austin

    787 Lands in Austin

    Joel brings us to Austin Airport to watch the historic first landing of the 787 Dreamliner on his home turf! We go right on the runway to get the landing up close and personal. Have you ever wondered if the sign for PLANE is the same around the world? In this video we find out! (captioned)

  • Tunisia: Douz Part 2 of 2

    Tunisia: Douz Part 2 of 2

    Here’s part two of the adventures in Douz, Tunisia! We start off by joining Joel and his crew to… the largest desert in the world! That’s right! Sahara desert! We get to drive and fly around this vast desert… take in the beauty of nature! In the middle of the desert, we join a group of locals who teaches us the simplicity of baking bread! We tour and make some pit stops around the desert before the sun sets. You [&hellip

  • Tunisia: Douz Part 1 of 2

    Tunisia: Douz Part 1 of 2

    Still touring in Tunisia, we head to the most southern part of Tunisia… Douz! If we get any more south, we’d hit the Sahara Desert! We learn so much of the culture as we explore the town. We head to the trees where we collect the popular fruit, dates! In this video, you will see how they gather the dates! Joel heads back to the local Deaf school to meet with the schoolchildren. Join the learning experience! That’s not all [&hellip

  • Tunisia: Sfax – Metalsmith and Shoesmith

    Tunisia: Sfax – Metalsmith and Shoesmith

    Joel takes on a different kind of experience going into the nooks of Sfax, Tunisia… he learns how a shoe is made! We get to join Joel at meeting with a local who takes him in to teach him the process of making a shoe. On the next day, Joel then joins him on a bike ride into town to meet with other Deaf local businesses. All in all, we take in step by step on shoe making! You will [&hellip

  • Tunisia: Sfax – Salon and Sweets

    Tunisia: Sfax – Salon and Sweets

    Joel goes into a city of Sfax in Tunisia to visit a renowned shop that makes the state of the art pastries. We go in all wrapped up in protection and meet some of the Deaf workers who are devoted to this business! Watching this part, you would be tempted to get a taste of those sweets! Joel ventures to a local barbershop owned by Deaf men, we get to meet them and learn of their struggles as well as [&hellip

  • Tunisia: El Jem – Mosaic Art & The Coliseum

    Tunisia: El Jem – Mosaic Art & The Coliseum

    Have you ever thought about how mosaic tiles are made? The walls and floor in your home probably consist of them. In a town of El Jem in Tunisia, We take you into a small business and there, we learn step by step how mosaics are formed! We also meet some talented Deaf workers. From now on, you will appreciate mosaic art more! After, Joel stops by a 2,000 year old coliseum! Take in the historical aspect, you will feel [&hellip

  • Tunisia: Korba – Deaf Women in Business

    Tunisia: Korba – Deaf Women in Business

    Joel visits Sarra, the owner of a spa of many different services. We get to go in and take in the beautiful design of how this place is set up. We learn a bit of this business and meet some of the staff who works there. Get this… this spa serves women only! Get this chance to check this place out! Afterwards, Joel meets a Deaf artist and we learn a bit of her talented work! This is some of [&hellip

  • Switched At Birth, Third Season

    Switched At Birth, Third Season

    Coming back for the second time around, Joel comes on set of “Switched At Birth!” We get the chance to meet with more of the cast, and learn some new things about the show. Joel also has the great opportunity to sit down and interview with the creator of the show! Join Joel behind the scenes, meet the actors, and here’s a fascinating fact… this show is considered second best on all of the TV network, ABC Family! Come and [&hellip

  • Germany: Frankfurt in December

    Germany: Frankfurt in December

    Joel has always had layovers in Germany. Finally, Joel had a great opportunity to stay and tour Frankfurt. A Deaf tour guide shows Joel and his friends around Frankfurt, starting with a 360° view at top of a skyscraper. Taking in the history and culture of Frankfurt, Joel tries the food and also visits the historic and popular Christmas market! Join in on the fun and food, and maybe, one day, you would want to visit Frankfurt in the month [&hellip

  • Adventures On Catalina Island

    Adventures On Catalina Island

    Even though the island is only 22 miles long, this island is packed with action! Join Joel on different adventures… from riding on a 4×4 jeep with sightings of the bison to going down under in a submarine to kayaking in the Pacific… and more! Take in the jewels of Catalina Island, and perhaps… you’d come for a visit of your own! More Information on Catalina Island Catalina Island Vacation Rentals

  • About “No Barriers with Joel Barish”

    About “No Barriers with Joel Barish”

    In our exciting new demo reel, we summarize what our flagship offering is all about.  Fauna, extreme adventures, wacky food, and of course Deaf people, are explored with Joel as he travels to the farthest reaches of the world. Get a taste of adventure in this fast paced short

  • The Netherlands: Deaf Horticulturist

    The Netherlands: Deaf Horticulturist

    Join Joel as he enters a huge greenhouse all dedicated to growing one crop! It’s flowers, but not Holland’s famous tulips. What?! Surprised? So were we! Check out these yellow roses and meet the man who grows them. Deaf himself, he knows a great deal about the science and art of growing these beautiful golden rosebuds. Learn more about the logistics of running a large greenhouse, and be amazed! (captioned) More Information about Amsterdam



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