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  • Purple Headquarters

    Purple Headquarters

    The Video Relay Services (VRS) plays a big role in our access to communication, and guess what?! Joel invited us to join us to visit the headquarters of Purple Communications! Go in the building, check out the environment, and learn how they serve us, their customers! We also meet the masterminds behind the successful services Purple provides! Watch this video and get an idea of how you have your communication! (captioned) More Information about Purple Communications

  • A Day in Sacramento

    A Day in Sacramento

    Joel Barish gives a tour around Sacramento, California. He stops by Old Sacramento where he shares interesting information the Gold Rush. After Old Sacramento, Joel brings us to the State Capitol where there is a special tour given by a CODA guide. (captioned) More Information about Sacramento

  • Korea: Making Kimchi with Deaf

    Korea: Making Kimchi with Deaf

    Short video of Joel making Korean dish Kimchi with two Deaf women

  • China: Chongming Restaurant Owners

    China: Chongming Restaurant Owners

    In Chongming, China, we tag along with Joel to visit a successful restaurant owned by a Deaf couple. Get an inside look of the kitchen and some of the cooking! Believe it or not… one of the famous dishes of China is the chicken feet! Here in this video, you learn more about it! Join the rest of the people at the table and enjoy the feast the owners genuinely cooked up for Joel and us! (captioned) More information on [&hellip

  • China: Printing Company Owner

    China: Printing Company Owner

    Remember Jiaxin Wei 魏家新 from one of our previous video clips? Well, we get to know him a bit more in this one! Xiaobo Song 宋晓波 tags along with us and Joel to visit Wei at his printing factory. Come inside and take a look around, learn why this business is recognized as second most successful in all of China! Meet with the employees, and Joel interviews Jiaxin Wei 魏家新. Check out this business of success! (captioned) More information on [&hellip

  • China: Solar Ear

    China: Solar Ear

    This man made great contributions to Gallaudet University, and after having retired, he wasn’t done contributing to the Deaf community! This time around, he brought his dreams to China and became president of a business producing hearing aids! You’ll see here why those hearing aids are unique and environment friendly! This succeeding business is a great inspiration to the Chinese Deaf community… find out why! (captioned) More information on Shanghai Travel Guide Solar Ear

  • China: JW Marriott Deaf Chef

    China: JW Marriott Deaf Chef

    Joel and the interpreter, Xiaobo Song 宋晓波, goes to the JW Marriott Shanghai of China for a quick meet-and-greet with a successful Deaf chef, Sean Han 韩超琦! This chef gives us a bit of an insight on his life and how he got to where he is today. It’s always pleasant to find Deaf individuals and recognize their successes despite of various barriers they go through to reach their dreams and goals! (captioned) More information on Shanghai Travel Guide

  • China: Deaf Chaplin Street Performer

    China: Deaf Chaplin Street Performer

    Joel is led by his guide deep into the bustling streets of Shanghai, China. While there, he uncovers another success story with the Deaf man, Tie Feng 铁锋, a renowned Charlie Chaplin street performer! After showing us a few of his skits, Tie Feng 铁锋 shares his performing origins and experiences. (captioned) More information on Shanghai Travel Guide

  • Vietnam: A Day in Hanoi

    Vietnam: A Day in Hanoi

    Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, and is the second largest city of the country… and, we get to explore for the day! We ride on a scooter with Joel and Deaf tour guides bring us to cultural landmarks. Driving all day long, we had pit stops that turned out to be worth it. We visited a gathering of the Deaf association, and we also get a taste of authentic Vietnamese coffee. Although 24 hours in Hanoi wasn’t enough… this [&hellip

  • Vietnam: Deaf Conical Hat Makers & Rowers

    Vietnam: Deaf Conical Hat Makers & Rowers

    In this video, Joel and his guide Dang Tran start things off with two Deaf Vietnamese conical hat makers who show him the ropes of hat-making. Then, Joel gets to meet and have dinner with a couple of Deaf rowers who introduce him to porcupine meat! Finally, they bring him on board their large two-oar canoes and show him the beautiful “Perfume Pagoda” buddhist temples of the Huong Tich mountains. (captioned)

  • Vietnam: Hanoi Deaf Street Vendors

    Vietnam: Hanoi Deaf Street Vendors

    In this video, Joel hops on a scooter and is led by his guide Dang Tran through the winding streets of Hanoi, Vietnam, where he gets to meet several Deaf people who work as street food vendors. He starts off by getting a haircut from a Deaf barber and then makes his way over to taste some delicious Bun Cha. Then, he gets to experience eating at a snail vendor before making his way over to wash it all down [&hellip

  • Vietnam: Deaf Craft 5 Colors

    Vietnam: Deaf Craft 5 Colors

    Exploring more in Vietnam to learn of Deaf people and their lifestyle, we come back to meet Dang Tran, who was our tour guide in the previous video! This time, Dang Tran brings us to his business, and we get to learn of his lifestyle! He manages a business of Vietnamese popular homemade souvenirs, and we have the chance to join in on the work! Joel also invites us in to meet the employees of this growing business! This video [&hellip

  • Vietnam: Hmong in Sapa

    Vietnam: Hmong in Sapa

    In this video, Joel gets to experience life in Sapa, Vietnam! Joel starts off with his guide, Dang Tran, in the rice terraces and rice paddies nestled in the mountains and valleys. There, the two of them get to meet a Deaf rice farmer named Sung. After visiting Sung’s home, Joel runs into a Deaf snake hunter! Then Joel goes into a small village deep into the mountains and valleys of Sapa and meets a Deaf craftworker. During the home [&hellip

  • Sama-Sama Hotel

    Sama-Sama Hotel

    Follow Joel’s footsteps as he lands at KUL (Kuala Lumpur) Airport in Malaysia for an overnight layover and has the great convenience of spending the night at Sama-Sama Hotel which is at the airport itself. No hassles, no barriers. That’s how it ought to be, anyway. More Information on Sama-Sama hotel

  • Sarawak: Palm Oil

    Sarawak: Palm Oil

    Just like any vegetable oil widely used in cooking and food products, we learn about how we retrieve the palm oil! Luckily for us, We join Joel for a ride with a Deaf local… who is an owner of an estate that grows palm trees! We get in on the action with Joel at getting out the fruitlet from the trees! And you’d be surprised what you learn from watching this video! (captioned) More information about Sarawak Tourism

  • Sarawak: Nature of Sarawak

    Sarawak: Nature of Sarawak

    In this video, Joel rides along with a Deaf tour guide who leads him along a beautfiul river where they see wildlife like Proboscis monkeys. Joel then heads to a water village just outside of the city of Kuching in Sarawak. When he travels to Borneo, Joel gets to meet a trio of Deaf soap makers who show him the ins and outs of how they make their natural soap using ingredients from the woods of Sarawak. Then Joel himself [&hellip

  • Inner Space Cavern

    Inner Space Cavern

    Join father and son with crew in a journey to the center of, actually to an underground cave. Be ready for tiny tunnels, bats, odd shapes, and some clay fun, all sandwiched in one big adventure just beneath the nearby rumble of freeway traffic. Watch how the cave holds up at the same time you see no barriers obstructing their exploration. (captioned) More information on Inner Space Cavern

  • Sarawak: Bao

    Sarawak: Bao

    You may wonder what a “Bao” is… it’s a well-known Asian dish and we get to join in on the fun at learning how to make it! In this video, Joel goes for a drive to check out a small Deaf-owned shop that makes the Bao! We meet a Deaf worker who teaches us how to make the renowned Bao. Learn how to fold the challenging swirl that atop the Bao! After watching this video, chances are, you’d be tempted [&hellip

  • Sarawak: Prawn Farm

    Sarawak: Prawn Farm

    It’s not everyday you hear or talk about a prawn farm… but, there are prawn farms all over the world! Joel gives us the opportunity to visit a Deaf owned farm in Sarawak! We join the Deaf owner, Cho, who tours us around his farm and shows us how collecting the prawns is done! Every prawn farm is different, and this one is definitely unique! See how they go out into the water to collect the prawns! Tag along with [&hellip

  • Sarawak: Pottery

    Sarawak: Pottery

    Becoming familiar with Sarawak, we visit a huge warehouse… and the Deaf owner invites us in to learn of his family business. From wall to wall, there is pottery everywhere! We tag along with the owner and he shows us the process of making a pottery piece from scratch to the very last step. People make pottery in so many different ways all over the world… Wei, the owner, shows us how it’s done in this warehouse! Per usual, tag [&hellip

  • Sarawak: Cargo Logistic Company

    Sarawak: Cargo Logistic Company

    Continuing the journey in Sarawak, Joel comes across a business that is owned by a Deaf local. In this video clip, the owner invites us to his work and we learn how this business is run. We’re also in for a treat to watch the owner, Lai, handle a shipping container with some heavy machinery! Per usual, you learn what Deaf people are capable of accomplishing in this world in so many different aspects! (captioned) More information about Sarawak Tourism



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