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  • Inner Space Cavern

    Inner Space Cavern

    Join father and son with crew in a journey to the center of, actually to an underground cave. Be ready for tiny tunnels, bats, odd shapes, and some clay fun, all sandwiched in one big adventure just beneath the nearby rumble of freeway traffic. Watch how the cave holds up at the same time you see no barriers obstructing their exploration. (captioned) More information on Inner Space Cavern

  • Sarawak: Bao

    Sarawak: Bao

    You may wonder what a “Bao” is… it’s a well-known Asian dish and we get to join in on the fun at learning how to make it! In this video, Joel goes for a drive to check out a small Deaf-owned shop that makes the Bao! We meet a Deaf worker who teaches us how to make the renowned Bao. Learn how to fold the challenging swirl that atop the Bao! After watching this video, chances are, you’d be tempted [&hellip

  • Sarawak: Prawn Farm

    Sarawak: Prawn Farm

    It’s not everyday you hear or talk about a prawn farm… but, there are prawn farms all over the world! Joel gives us the opportunity to visit a Deaf owned farm in Sarawak! We join the Deaf owner, Cho, who tours us around his farm and shows us how collecting the prawns is done! Every prawn farm is different, and this one is definitely unique! See how they go out into the water to collect the prawns! Tag along with [&hellip

  • Sarawak: Pottery

    Sarawak: Pottery

    Becoming familiar with Sarawak, we visit a huge warehouse… and the Deaf owner invites us in to learn of his family business. From wall to wall, there is pottery everywhere! We tag along with the owner and he shows us the process of making a pottery piece from scratch to the very last step. People make pottery in so many different ways all over the world… Wei, the owner, shows us how it’s done in this warehouse! Per usual, tag [&hellip

  • Sarawak: Cargo Logistic Company

    Sarawak: Cargo Logistic Company

    Continuing the journey in Sarawak, Joel comes across a business that is owned by a Deaf local. In this video clip, the owner invites us to his work and we learn how this business is run. We’re also in for a treat to watch the owner, Lai, handle a shipping container with some heavy machinery! Per usual, you learn what Deaf people are capable of accomplishing in this world in so many different aspects! (captioned) More information about Sarawak Tourism

  • Sarawak: Swiftlet Birds

    Sarawak: Swiftlet Birds

    In Sarawak of Malaysia, we visit a small, but dedicated and valuable business of two brothers. This business is a great contribution to human lives. Exploring with Joel, we learn how they handle their farm that tends to small birds of the swift family that is only found in Southeast Asia! Instead of going on and explaining more of this experience, check out this video! Learn more of what those birds do, and you’ll be sure you’ll learn something new! [&hellip

  • Sarawak: Iban Village

    Sarawak: Iban Village

    Where in the world are we now with Joel Barish? In a state of Malaysia… Sarawak! We have the opportunity to join Joel at the adventures of the unseen once again! Starting this travel, we head into a village of the Iban tribe and stay over at their longhouses. This village has no electricity… but this isn’t unusual to the locals! We tag along as guests and learn of the way of life among the village. Per usual, tag along [&hellip

  • Blue Bell Creameries

    Blue Bell Creameries

    For the ultimate ice cream, follow Joel’s eyes and taste buds into the Blue Bell Creameries in Brenham, Texas, the birthplace of Texas. Bring your warmest jacket and be prepared to step into arctic freezing temperatures as you tour the ice cream factory. For a bowl of ice cream, watch this video. (captioned) More information about Blue Bell Creameries

  • Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts

    Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts

    Slide down the tubes with Joel Barish at the Schlitterbahn Waterpark & Resorts in New Braunfels, Texas for a life in the fast lane, only in water this time around and glimpse the life of family fun which creates many fond memories. See what is at Schlitterbahn and don’t miss the aquatic adventure by clicking on this video! (captioned) More information on Schlitterbahn Waterparks and Resorts

  • AeroPress Review

    AeroPress Review

    The Coffee Week with Joel Barish heads into the weekend with an Espresso French Press kickoff demonstrating how you can press your own coffee at your own home kitchen and even take it on the go, courtesy of Aeropress. Tantalize your taste buds with more beautifully crafted coffee with your favorite mug by tuning in! (captioned) More Information about AeroPress

  • Hario Review

    Hario Review

    A different day in Coffee Week with Joel Barish in his own home kitchen, as Joel takes a hands on approach in using Japanese meticulous coffeemaking methods as he utilizes coffeemaking equipment that is complements each other in the same manner the Japanese take great care in preparing their Sushi. If you are curious in what this means, just tune in! (captioned) More information about Hario

  • Houndstooth Coffee

    Houndstooth Coffee

    In yet another day at Coffee Week with Joel Barish, it is not just a typical coffee-oriented day, but it’s about learning that coffeemaking can be an art at Houndstooth. The coffee enthusiast not only sips what is considered a work of art, but is in an environment that fits the persona of a social coffee drinker. (captioned) More Information about Houndstooth Coffee

  • Cuvée Coffee

    Cuvée Coffee

    In Coffee Week with Joel Barish, this video gives you an inside look on Cuvee’s coffee roasting process and how the coffee makes its way to Cuvee. You always see Joel sip hot brewed coffee, but Cuvee offers something unique but gaining popularity – nitrogenated cold brewed coffee! (captioned) More information about Cuvée Coffee

  • Austin Roasting Company

    Austin Roasting Company

    Catch the Coffee Week with Joel Barish and learn how coffee is roasted at Austin Roasting Company in Austin, Texas. (captioned) More information on Austin Roasting Company

  • Palace Resorts

    Palace Resorts

    Join Joel as he visits luxury Palace Resorts in Cancun, Mexico, and gets a taste of five-star vacationing. He heads to Xcaret national park, cooks with a resort chef, and has a beautiful vacation! Ever been curious about luxury vacations? This video is for YOU! (captioned) More information about Palace Resorts and Xacaret

  • Joel’s Shanghai Experience in 72 Hours

    Joel’s Shanghai Experience in 72 Hours

    Joel’s Shanghai Experience in 72 Hours

  • Joel’s Hanoi Experience

    Joel’s Hanoi Experience

    Vietnam…. beautiful, exotic, distant…. and it’s all brought to you by Joel and his fantastic guide, Dang Tran Thanh. In this short preview, get a taste of Joel’s journey in Hanoi, and surrounding areas of Vietnam. More videos of Hanoi and the ATW5 (Around the World: Part 5) journey will be coming soon. All of our gratitude to Dang for an incredible week in Vietnam

  • A Deaf Man’s Unique Hobby

    A Deaf Man’s Unique Hobby

    In this video clip, we go into a home… the basement… a man’s real man cave! Who? What? How? We are introduced to a Deaf man, Andy, who introduces us to his hobby. A passion turned into a hobby, Andy shows us the interesting world of building modeling kits of… army tanks! Helicopters! and more! Be fascinated of all of the work that is shown, and maybe, just maybe… you’d be convinced to roll up your sleeves and get to [&hellip

  • Texas: Irving

    Texas: Irving

    With all of the hearsay around of Irving being a small and old town… Joel had to go check it out for himself! Boy, were we all wrong of that impression! We join him at inquiring into what Irving had to offer us! We got the opportunity to visit different places to learn some history, and do what is necessary to do when in Irving! We have a glimpse of the National Scouting museum, we hop into a gondola to [&hellip

  • Joel’s Sarawak Experience

    Joel’s Sarawak Experience

    Watch this fun preview video with Joel and his intrepid guide, Albert Wong… as they crack plenty of jokes and show you some sneak previews of beautiful Sarawak! More videos of Sarawak and the ATW5 (Around the World: Part 5) journey will be coming soon. We want to thank Albert for his wonderful guidance!

  • Oman: Salalah

    Oman: Salalah

    Visiting another part of Oman in Southwest Asia, Joel heads into the city of Salalah. We get to learn how they retrieve… their honey! We trek around with locals on a hunt for honey. Watch and learn how they do it, and how they obtain the honey for tasting and eating. Joel and his videographer, David hangs with the locals who excel at what they do, honey hunting… camel feeding… and more! The locals bring them afterwards to another part [&hellip



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