SUPERDEAFY WALK ’09 – Indianapolis, IN

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  • John Critser 4 years ago

    SuperDeafy certainly gave good training on their vocal cords. He’s come to save the speech therapist field. He’s come to save us all.

  • Robert E. Miera 4 years ago

    See, obvious prove yu now I laugh and laugh due to Superdeafy and his first video, therefore answer big yes that all deafies can laugh! I laugh and laugh!
    Excite and can hardly wait to jump into more videos! thank you and take care!

  • Oh yes. Sure! Deafies do laugh. I can’t remember how many times I laughed in my lifetime. SuperDeafy made me laugh again.

  • Delos 4 years ago

    oh yes of course deaf people can laugh or more so hard laugh with voice loud… wow wow i cant believe make me laughed so hard about SuperDeafy so funny and make deaf people need laugh

  • Deaf do laugh all the time and everyday. Hahahahahahaha.

  • And today is my 12th birthday. I’m a birthday girl.

  • SUPERDEAFY is so funny and made us laugh so hard!