Deaf People Making Noise with Business Reviews

Deaf People Making Noise with Business Reviews

Melody and Russ Stein of Mozzeria in San Francisco, CA, discuss how your reviews can help businesses thrive. Whether a restaurant is Deaf-friendly or needs improvement, the Deaf community has a voice. The Steins go through several popular review sites and offer explanations why reviews and feedback are vital to a business’s survival. Plus, they explain how a review can be deleted and how you can write helpful, legit feedback that will be taken seriously. Let’s make some noise and be “heard!” (captioned)

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3 thoughts on “Deaf People Making Noise with Business Reviews”

  1. Eileen Warthling

    Charles and Eileen want to congratulate Melody and Russ. We know Russ while his parents lived in Port St Lucie, Fl. We lived there, too. By The Warthling’s

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