Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

Deaf Australians made noises over the misassumptions in their political candidate’s election ad. The word, “VOICE,” has a long history in Deaf community, making it a politically incorrect word when representing Deaf people, and what’s even worse, it is spelled in American Sign Language, not Auslan! (captioned)

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0 thoughts on “Lost in Translation”

  1. Mark Fisher, Deaf American

    As it has been said by exceptionally true Deaf mentors, young Deaf adults are to be twice as smart to have highest level job opportunities in employment areas not related to Deafness. Thus, we are to be sure that Deaf kids always feel wonderful with no limitations at right Deaf schools before educators recognize exceptionally bright students and help them go further and harder for wonderful careers of challenges. Also, email correspondences are wonderful and fast to prove around, in which spoken language people always judge upon for appropriately advanced intelligences to be invited.

  2. It is very embrassing for Deaf Australia Community as Australia Goverment is lacked of communicate with out supportive community as they could have ask for our advice before they post their billboard like Big Poster or online promotion.
    We need better access like America I always have hat off to you America and Love too.
    We can achieve for better future for Deaf in Australia, America and World too.

  3. Terrific perspectives on how this misstatement occurred. I can see that it was their intention to included the disability community by providing them opportunity to voice figuratively. Just like Ritchie said, the politicians failed to do their homework. Indeed, our deafness is a powerful filter. This is something a hearing, disabled person will not pick up due to our distinction in our language use. Much as those politicians try to engage and it didn’t make it through our deaf filter and we see that they are playing us for votes.

    Former Chief of Staff for President Obama and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said, “You never let a serious crisis go waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before”. This is Deaf Australians’ opportunity to ride this sparked objection and to shift this into Deaf Australians’ favor because now they have the politicians’ attention.